Make It Yours
Article posted on: 23 March 2018

Make It Yours

The Vitara is part of a long and successful line of versatile Suzuki products that have become favourites across the Caribbean. Although the Vitara name was not introduced until 1988, its roots — and its enduring popularity – can be traced back to the rugged open-topped SJ (Small Jeep) models of the early 1970s, which proved hugely popular as both leisure and working vehicles.

   Currently available in the Caribbean with a 1.6-litre petrol engine, fi ve-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, 2-wheel Drive or ALLGRIP intelligent 4-wheel Drive, the Vitara carries the SUV concept further... but without losing the fun element that has been a staple part of its character.

   The aim with the new Vitara was to make the driving experience as close as possible to that of the popular and sporty Suzuki Swift, while maintaining the practicality of an SUV. While the Vitara is quite a high-riding vehicle, body movement is well contained. Its sprightly performance is matched with agile and nimble handling, clinging to the road when you step up the pace. The ALLGRIP intelligent 4-wheel Drive system reacts to any terrain and speaks to the ever-greater sophistication on offer.

   The raised driving position and light steering make it well-suited to driving around town but, if you order the optional ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive and feel like heading to the hills for a little gentle off-roading, then you will defi nitely fi nd that fun. The Vitara will certainly deal with muddy terrain or slippery tarmac where two-wheel-drive vehicles would be struggling.

   The new Vitara has benefi tted from improvements in fuel consumption, thanks to intelligent systems for fuel economy and ALLGRIP intelligent 4-wheel Drive with variable settings.

   With the new Vitara, Suzuki encourages you to ‘make it yours’ with a huge range of personalisation options. These include contrast roof colour options and you can select from the Urban or Rugged styling packs. Interior personalisation includes options for colour coded dashboard trims, gear change lever, carpet mats, steering wheels and more!

   The new Suzuki Vitara is available in 2WD and ALLGRIP 4WD across the Caribbean! Find your nearest dealer on Vitara! – Make it Yours!

The steering wheel has 36mm of telescopic adjustment and 40mm of tilt adjustment. In combination with the seat height adjuster, drivers of diverse physiques can
fi ne-tune their own driving position.

The 4WD system “ALLGRIP” has four driverselectable modes: Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock. The driver selects the modes using a push-and-turn dial on the centre console.


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