The New Swift's Innovation
Article posted on: 31 July 2018

The New Swift's Innovation

Since Suzuki’s leading compact car made its debut in Japan, it has been well received with its innovative styling and exhilarating driving performance. The new model features clever design, convenience and comfort in a stylish new package that has made it one of the Caribbean’s most popular hatchbacks. In a special interview, chief engineer and designer of the new Swift Masao Kobori gave us the opportunity to take a behindthe-scenes look at the development of the model. He said “I want customers to feel uplifted the instant they see it, the instant they get inside and step on the accelerator. The Swift will add a touch of excitement to their everyday lives.” Kabori went on to explain that he wanted customers to experience every unique characteristic that the Swift has to offer. Its design, driving performance, fuel efficiency and safety features are all critical to the new vehicle’s overall package. For example, its handling has been carefully engineered for optimal performance in a variety of driving conditions. 


With its wide and aggressive look, the exterior of the Swift exudes a muscular presence from a body that is shorter and lower. The blacked-out ‘A’ pillars create the appearance of a ‘floating roof’ and the LED signature illumination used in the headlamps and rear-combination lamps scream hightech sophistication. 


Sit inside and the bold evolution of the Swift’s DNA is continued through four key themes: Sportiness, High Quality, Advanced and Easy to Use. The instrument panel highlights a sense of nimble speediness, while sporty white and satin chrome accents are utilised throughout the cockpit in conjunction with a black tonal base to create a stunning high-contrast interior. Once seated, the impulse to take off immediately begins to well up inside, thanks to a meticulously implemented ‘driver-first’ design. The race car inspired, D-shaped steering wheel, paired with front seats that firmly hold and a centre console angled toward the driver help form a more-sporty, higher-quality environment that unifies car and driver. With the latest evolution of the Suzuki Swift, the love affair Caribbean people have with the Swift model is sure to continue.


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