Swift Uplifts You
Article posted on: 23 March 2018

Swift Uplifts You

Introducing the all-new Suzuki Swift! 

Beauty needs to be more than skin deep. What counts is being able to express the Swift’s essence of being ‘made to drive’. An overwhelming presence generated by a low, short and wide stance. The manifestation of overfl overflowing dynamism and muscular lines. Styling that creates a sensation of movement, even at rest, that accelerates the driver’s emotions. It’s a bold evolution of the Swift’s DNA. Completely new styling, a performanceenhancing lightweight chassis and advanced safety technologies. Swift Chief Engineer Masao Kobori says: “We set out to create a car that makes people go ‘WOW!’ the instant they see it, the instant they get inside and the instant they step on the accelerator.” Top Gear summed it up as: “Another great product from Suzuki, the Swift is a cracking and likeable supermini”... introducing the new Suzuki Swift! With more than 5.4 million sold, the new Suzuki Swift continues to exude an overwhelming sense of presence. From the outside the new Swift is more muscular and


emotive, with a well-grounded look that is wider and more aggressive, and a body that is shorter and lower. The blacked-out A pillars create the appearance of a ‘fl oating roof’ and the LED signature illumination used in the headlamps and rear-combination lamps scream high-tech sophistication. With each model in the entire range weighing less than a tonne and even as little as 840kg, the new Swift provides a dynamic driving experience that is safe, stable and exciting. The Swift rests on Suzuki’s newgeneration lightweight, rigid ‘HEARTECT’ platform that delivers enhanced vehicle performance and collision safety. Availablesafety technologies include: impact-absorbing body and 6 SRS airbags. Newly designed lightweight suspension helps to retain the Swift’s characteristic direct-response steering while providing a supple and comfortable ride. Reinvigorated power units ensure lively performance without sacrifi cing Suzuki’s customary excellent fuel economy. The new Swift comes equipped with a 1.2 litre, 16 valve engine. Sit inside and the bold evolution of the Swift’s DNA is continued through four key themes: Sporty, High Quality, Advanced and Easy To Use. The instrument panel highlights a sense of nimble speediness, while sporty white accents and satin chrome is utilised throughout the cockpit in conjunction with a black tonal base to create a stunning high-contrast interior space. Once seated, the impulse to take off immediately begins to well up inside, thanks to a meticulously implemented “driver first” design. The racecar-like D-shaped steering wheel, front seats that fi rmly hold, and a centre console angled toward the driver, help form a more-sporty, higher-quality environment that unifi es car and driver. The new Swift is meant to drive the heart. Sporty, high quality, advanced and just simply easy to own, the love affair Caribbean people have had with the Suzuki Swift looks set to continue with the introduction of this latest model.


Contact your local Suzuki dealer today to
arrange a test drive! More info on the allnew
Suzuki Swift, and dealer information,
can be found at www.suzukicaribbean.com

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