Suzuki Aruba: 6 Reasons To Love The Suzuki XL7 1

As a constantly on-the go, around the world, adventure-seeking athlete, it’s safe to say I’ve made a seemingly endless number of visits to rental car lots in my lifetime.

From these experiences, and as a means to making my life - and now hopefully yours - just a little bit easier, I’ve created a checklist for the must-have features of any globetrotter’s vehicle utopia.

Not only does the Suzuki XL7 check many of my key boxes, but it may just be adding its very own to my list. Here are a few highlights that make the XL7 a trailblazer’s dream:


The Deal Makers

Suzuki Aruba: 6 Reasons To Love The Suzuki XL7 2

1. Eyes on the size.

When you envision the kind of person who’d typically go for a 7-seater car, you’re likely to picture that non-stop, coffee-crazed parent, kids wailing in the back. But as a 25 year-old active surfer, the amount of space that may otherwise be reserved for the child seats, bikes and bagfuls of groceries is incredibly useful for all of my surfboards and gear.

The seats can recline comfortably to accommodate the 4’11” mini twin to the 7’ mid-lengths, buckets for the wet gear, cooler, umbrella and towels galore - with enough space still for a shady mid-contest nap. And although the XL7 is a larger vehicle, its handles like a compact, easy-to-maneuver SUV. This was a huge tick for me, making what would normally be an anxiety-inducing parking scenario into a walk in the park (well, drive rather!).

2. Hmmm...let’s see.

I’ve had my fair share of those larger-vehicle experiences where visibility has been a recurring issue. Normally, the larger front pillars obstruct my view when taking corners and pulling out into traffic, but the visibility that the XL7 offers poses no such issues.

A solid 10/10 on this one, Suzuki.

3. Potholes Level 5, mastered.

Another welcome feature of Suzuki’s XL7 is the vehicle’s 200mm ground clearance, particularly when tackling the island’s more problematic terrain.

As an avid wave-seeker, being able to comfortably conquer those rugged roads in search of secret spots is pretty crucial.

Hello off-roading, goodbye scraped bumper!


The Comforts

Suzuki Aruba: 6 Reasons To Love The Suzuki XL7 3

1. No keys, no problem.

With a coffee in one hand, surfboard in the other and keys buried in the depths of a female’s beach bag, the keyless entry and push to start ignition features of the Suzuki XL7 have made the old “I’m only 5 minutes away” much more achievable.

2. Bluetooth ✓.

It’s 2021. A vehicle without Bluetooth is like a man without his mask - simply unreasonable!

The XL7’s 10-inch screen includes Apple Play and Android Auto, making it simple and quick for smartphones to connect. Oh, and reverse camera? Tick.

3. The Bottle Burrow

Now for the real deal maker - the XL7’s roomy cup holders.

As insignificant as this may seem to you, fellow reader, a large water bottle rolling around the ground of the car is a torturous experience in need of address. Alas - enter the XL7’s generous 1 L bottle-accommodating hideaways. What an absolute feet saver.

Suzuki Aruba: 6 Reasons To Love The Suzuki XL7 4

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Chelsea Tuach,
Professional Surfer