Jimny - The Iconic Classic That Stole My Heart


Now before I get into it - I just want to mention that whatever I say here, won’t do the Jimny justice.

It’s the car that needs no introduction. It’s got a 12-18 month-long waiting list and a cult following that dates back to the 1970s. But what is it about the new Suzuki Jimny that brings out that giddy “kid on Christmas Day” feeling in all of us?

I drove it around Queensland Australia for a week and here’s everything I absolutely adored about the iconic mini 4x4.


Legendary Lineage

Fun fact for you folks - The Jimny actually holds a Guinness world record for climbing to the highest altitude ever in a vehicle by two Chilean adventurers back in 2007 in a beast of a modified Suzuki Samurai - the Jimny’s predecessor. They reached a whooping 6,688 metres, surpassing an earlier record by a Jeep and cheekily uprooting the Jeep’s previous signpost to take back as proof of the triumph. ¡Que bolas! 

The 1st generation Jimny was built in 1970 and branded as “the car you can literally drive anywhere”, and this bold statement still rings true for its present-day model. The current Jimny continues to pay tribute to its forefathers by stylishly modernizing its original design, retaining the retro look and feel - its original round lights, iconic front grille and of course, the trademark wheel on the rear door. 

And yes I know, I’m a bit of a history nerd. But hey, there’s your daily dose of “learn something new everyday”. You’re welcome. 


Jimny - The Iconic Classic That Stole My Heart

Love At First Sight…And Drive

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that great visibility is one of the reasons I love and trust Suzuki vehicles, and the Jimny takes this to a whole new level. 

Jumping into the Jimny for the first time, I was immediately impressed by the panoramic perspective that both the elevated seat and wide, box shaped windscreen provided. With its compact build and playful, rebel-like manner, tackling the roads in the Jimny made me feel like I was featuring in a scene straight out of Jumanji.

Even though I was just making a quick trip to the supermarket, I purposely chose to take on the back roads, and suddenly felt preoccupied about getting the jewel back in time.


The Daredevil

When it comes to off-roading, the Jimny is a firecracker of a 4x4. I could try to delve into the benefits of the many technical features of the vehicle - its rigid axle, low-range transfer gear and all-grip feature, to name a few. But if you’re anything like I am, you’d be just as lost as my grandmother on Zoom for the first time.

Tackling stubborn sand, large puddles and generally rough terrain leaves the Jimny unphased and geared up for the next challenge. This is perhaps one of my favourite features of the vehicle - the Jimny embodies that overeager friend who is invincibly wild, blissfully optimistic and always up for an adrenaline rush. It entices you to go further and provokes an unquenchable thirst for exploring every hill, jungle and sand dune you can think of.

The bottom line is, Suzuki continues to successfully reinvent and refine the car you can, and will want to, “literally drive anywhere”.


Jimny - The Iconic Classic That Stole My Heart

Captivating Charm

As soon as I laid eyes on the Jimny, I instantly felt connected to its character - this really charming, small-but-mighty, slightly mischievous character that beckoned you to hop in.

The clever design of the Jimny pleads adventure. Although the streamlined approach to create space means there’s no 1L bottle hideaway in the door, it still comes with the many comforts I’ve come to love in a Suzuki. It’s got the 7” touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to help me navigate the back roads and belt out Britney Spears when I’m solo.

Another personal favourite is its smooth, stylish leather-wrapped steering wheel, adding to the winsome charm that seems to woo everyone the Jimny comes into contact with - the charm that’s inescapably captivating, that you notice when fellow road goers and pedestrians give your lime green accomplice that subtle nod of appreciation and admiration.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a loyal Jimny buyer, a luxury car enthusiast or a pro surfer who still Googles what a rigid axle actually does. The Jimny is bound to draw you in with its humble yet enchanting charm, its unrelenting beckon for the next best adventure, and an unbeatable off-road track record.


Jimny - The Iconic Classic That Stole My Heart

….Thanks for reading! If you’d like to see the Jimny in action, check out this video of my surf adventures in Australia.

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