The Suzuki Baleno - Everything You Need And Nothing You Don't


The Suzuki Baleno - Everything You Need And Nothing You Don't

Ask my friends - even the ones not currently in the market for cars - and I guarantee they’ll tell you I’ve tried to convince them to buy a Baleno.

And no, I don’t get commission.

From the first time I spotted the Baleno’s sporty yet sophisticated design and its characteristically elegant curves back in 2018, before I even got to drive one myself, I was immediately obsessed. Drawn in by its versatile vibe, it was the one car that continually caught my eye while I was on the road.

When I did finally get the chance to take it for a spin, it managed to exceed my already high expectations. With that being said, here are my reasons for boasting the Baleno as a no-brainer of a buy: 


Show-stopping Style

The Baleno is inspired by the design concept of "Liquid Flow." Its low and wide stance, along with harmoniously flowing curves on its body give it an elegant yet powerful look. At the same time, the car's frontal design adds a sporty vibe to it, making its style appealing to all.” - Suzuki Baleno brochure quote 

Now, I could have described the design of the Baleno to you as I have done with my friends - the words “cute, sporty, fun” coming to mind - but let’s just say the vocabulary of Suzuki’s copywriter is just a tad superior. 

The Suzuki Baleno - Everything You Need And Nothing You Don't


Hidden Spaces

Beyond its super sleek style, the Baleno also boasts a deceptively compact exterior yet offers a roomy, comfortable interior - and more than enough leg room for all the Lebrons and Bolts out there. 

The Suzuki Baleno - Everything You Need And Nothing You Don't

Not just a pretty face.

As an avid surfer and daily beachgoer, I was curious to find out how the Baleno would fare with my many surfboards and abundance of beach gear. Luckily for me - and you - its best-in-class cabin space and 355L luggage capacity have it covered, nailing this task with astonishing ease.

And last but never least, this model also includes the deal sealer of a storage feature - the ol’ 1L bottle compartment. If you’re not sold on that alone, I think you need to revise your vehicle criteria checklist. 


Smooth Sailing

If I had to sum up the Baleno’s driving performance in just one word, it would be efficient. It’s quick off the mark without those high revs and handles impressively well on rougher terrain. 

But what I’d say surprised me the most was its almost silent hum from the engine, making for smooth sailing on the roads. What’s even more comforting than this soothing backdrop is the Baleno’s faultless fuel economy!

Cheers to peaceful drives to the office and not pumping your salary into the gas tank every month.


The Icing on the Cake

And if you still need convincing - the added comforts offered by the GLX model, including the 7” infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, keyless entry, push-to- start ignition and reverse camera should do a decent job of persuading you.


Savings, Stability and Safety

And the grand finale that brings us to a Baleno best feature - the new generation HEARTECT platform. This unique, integrated technology further reduces your fuel consumption, significantly improves overall driving performance and boasts a frame that efficiently disperses impact energy in the event of a collision.

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Savings, stability and safety - are you still not sold?

The short of it? The Baleno’s sporty style, its extra roomy interior, fuel-saving and safety features and the many signature comforts make this Suzuki showstopper my first choice recommendation to anyone looking for a well-rounded, versatile vehicle. 

With a 1L bottle compartment.