Man Driving Suzuki with Sunroof

Allowing you to let in more natural light into your interior and provide you and your passengers a unique way of cooling down during the hotter days, a panoramic sunroof is not only a luxurious design feature but a beneficial one as well. 

If you are currently shopping for a new Suzuki car with a panoramic sunroof, our local Bahamas, Nassau Suzuki dealer offers the new Suzuki Vitara and the all-new Suzuki S-Cross. 

Being able to be enjoyed from all seats with your new Suzuki, learn more about the benefits of having a sunroof in your choice of Suzuki and which Suzuki trim levels offer the premium feature. 

Suzuki Vitara Sunroof
Suzuki Vitara Sunroof Worms Eye View

Highlights of Suzuki Models with a Panoramic Sunroof

Whether you choose the new Suzuki S-Cross or Vitara, the luxury feature of the panoramic sunroof is available when you opt for the GLX trim level with 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive*. The Suzuki Vitara provides our drivers of Bahamas, Nassau with an adventurous driving experience. The addition of the panoramic sunroof adds everyday functionality to your venturesome spirit. 

The aggressive stylings of the all-new Suzuki S-Cross provide the same level of excitement as the Vitara and add a luxury design cue perfect for you and your family journeys. The panoramic sunroof can be enjoyed on every seat and adds to the elegant styling of the Suzuki SUV.

Suzuki’s Panoramic Sunroof is available on GLX model trims only. Model specifications may vary for individual markets*

Benefits of a Sunroof in Your Suzuki Model

The panoramic sunroof with double-sliding glass panels creates an extra-large opening that all passengers can enjoy. Essentially designed as another window for your roof, not only does a panoramic sunroof add aesthetic quality, but for convenience to your drives. Essential benefits of a sunroof include:

  • Natural Warmth and Illumination: Exposure to natural light adds additional warmth and illumination to a bright cabin. 

  • Quieter Cabin: When opting to open your sunroof before your standard car windows, it produces less wind noise within the cabin.

  • Air Conditioning Alternative: When the interior could use a breeze opening up the sunroof offers a crisp breath of fresh air. Your Suzuki’s interior may overheat in the hot weather, and instead of blasting the air conditioning at full max, try opening the sunroof where you can let hot air dissipate and let your interior cool down easier.

Shop New Suzuki Cars for Sale in Bahamas, Nassau

To find your Suzuki car with a panoramic sunroof, visit your local Bahamas, Nassau Suzuki dealership to shop for the Suzuki Vitara or all-new Suzuki S-Cross. Offering plenty of modern features and amenities, we are sure to help you find the one right for you.

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