Suzuki Commonwealth of Dominica: Why Drivers Love the New Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno exterior front view

The Suzuki Baleno makes quite the impression with its stylish exterior design and aerodynamic flow. The interior is spacious and inviting with room to seat 5 people and technology that's innovative and convenient. Learn more about what’s making drivers love their new Suzuki Baleno.


Suzuki Baleno Head-Up Display

Drivers are loving how easy and convenient it is to stay connected on any drive in the new Suzuki Baleno. The Baleno’s new generation display audio comes with a 9-inch HD touchscreen with features like smartphone linkage, voice recognition, and Bluetooth®. 

The head-up display shows all of the information you need to stay updated like speed, intersection navigation, and instant fuel economy. This allows drivers to stay focused and keep their eyes on the road.

Comfort For All

Another popular reason why drivers are loving the new Baleno is the fact that it’s spacious and comfortable. The effective use of space provides ample room for all passengers and the seats have been designed to ensure maximum comfort. 

A sliding front armrest, multiple door pockets, and ample luggage space with the available Smart package are all part of why the new Baleno is so comfortable for any journey.

Suzuki Baleno Interior


Suzuki Baleno Luggage Space

Enhanced Driving With The HEARTECT Platform

The HEARTECT platform is light and rigid which lowers fuel consumption and improves the performance of the vehicle. The Baleno runs smoother and makes turning and stopping a lot easier. The frame of the Baleno is smooth with continuous curves to disperse impact energy in case a collision occurs.


Thanks to the aerodynamic performance achieved by CAE and wind tunnel tests, the Baleno is able to deliver a quiet ride which is another thing that drivers are appreciating. By optimizing the shape of each part of the vehicle, the Suzuki Baleno is able to take drivers on a peaceful and fuel efficient drive.

Hear What Customers Have to Say About The Suzuki Baleno

"I love my driving experience with the Baleno. It handles well, is fast and energy efficient and has all the features including Bluetooth technology to allow me a comfortable and happy drive time."

Daniella - Jamaica

"The Baleno is a classy car! It is very spacious for the driver and passengers. It is very easy to handle and drives smoothly! I am satisfied with my purchase!"

Dawnette - Bermuda

"Tried and tested mechanicals, appealing updated looks, feature packed, and exemplary safety credentials. All of these coupled with Suzuki's track record of reliability and longevity, tipped the scales for me in my purchase decision."

Damian - Trinidad and Tobago

Shop New Suzuki Baleno in Commonwealth of Dominica

It’s no secret that drivers are more than satisfied with their purchase of the Suzuki Baleno with its great performance, technology, and functionality. If you're on the hunt for a new hatchback that’s safe, fuel efficient, and has a smooth ride, you can’t go wrong with the Suzuki Baleno. To learn more about the new Suzuki Baleno contact us or visit your local Commonwealth of Dominica dealer.