Suzuki S-Cross driving on street

No matter where life takes you, it's always comforting to know that you’ll be able to arrive safely and confidently. The Suzuki S-Cross makes this more than possible with safety and convenience features like the 360-degree view camera, display audio with voice recognition, and more. 

Tackling tough terrain is also a breeze thanks to selectable driving modes that allow you to get where you need to go regardless of the road conditions.

Technology That Helps Keep You Safe

The display audio not only keeps you connected through voice recognition and hands-free Bluetooth®, but it also displays information such as fuel economy, driving range, and warnings thanks to the 360 view camera.

The 360-degree view provides added safety and convenience through four cameras in the front, rear, and on both sides. There is also a 3D view for safe starts and a top view for safer parking 

    Suzuki S-Cross display audio


    Suzuki S-Cross selectable drive modes

    Ultrasonic parking sensors on the front and rear of the S-Cross detect obstacles and warn you with sounds and graphics on the multi-information display (available on the GLX model).

    Selectable Drive Modes

    ALLGRIP SELECT provides you with four easily selectable drive modes so you can choose the 4WD setting that best matches your driving conditions. The Auto setting prioritizes fuel economy in typical driving conditions and switches to 4WD when slippage is detected. Lock mode delivers maximum torque to the rear wheels to help get through mud or sand with ease.

    Shop The Suzuki S-Cross in Saint Lucia

    Life brings us new challenges everyday, including on the road. So why not face those challenges head on in the Suzuki S-Cross. The S-Cross is the perfect companion, whether it be for your next road trip or a simple drive to work. 

    You can be sure that the S-Cross will get you there with style, performance, and safety in mind. To learn more about the standard and available safety features in the Suzuki S-Cross, visit your local Saint Lucia dealer.