Suzuki Anguilla: How to Work Suzuki Head-Up Display

suzuki fronx head up display

What is The Suzuki Head-Up Display Feature?

The Head-Up Display (HUD) system is a technological feature in your Suzuki vehicle that reflects haptic information about your car in real time on a glass panel display. The display rises just above the steering wheel to appear safely in your line of vision without distracting you. The feature provides comfort, ease, and a more dynamic driving experience for you and your passengers. 

What Haptic Information Does the Suzuki HUD Show?

Many popular models like the Suzuki Grand Vitara, Baleno, Fronx, and more feature Head-Up Display systems. In addition to your speed, RPM, and navigation alerts on select Suzuki models, your HUD also displays gear indicators, low fuel reminders, open-door warnings, and temperature settings.

How To Work Suzuki Head-Up Display

On most Suzuki vehicles that are HUD-equipped, you’ll find an HUD button on the right driving side aligned with your steering wheel area. Once you’ve found it and pressed it, your glass HUD panel will rise up into your line of vision. Once it’s visible, you can perform the following actions:

  • Adust brightness by pressing the HUD button once again and then using the up and down arrows beside it to select your preferred brightness.
  • Wait a few seconds after adjusting brightness and press the up or down arrows to then select at which height you’d like haptic info to display on the panel. 
  • To see your temperature adjustments, simply adjust the climate control with your free hand and watch the display until reaching the desired temperature.
Orange Suzuki Fronx Exterior driving on road.
Suzuki Fronx Interior with City landscape in view

Shop HUD-Equipped Suzuki Vehicles with Anguilla

Tech nerds, busy parents, and new drivers alike love the Suzuki Head-Up Display safeguarding technological feature in select Suzuki vehicles. Destress, stay focused, and connect intuitively with your Suzuki model every day. Feel free to get in touch with us at Anguilla with any HUD questions or troubleshooting concerns.