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Suzuki Bahamas, Nassau: Is The Suzuki Baleno Fuel Efficient?

the 2024 suzuki balenoHow Fuel Efficient is The 2024 Suzuki Baleno For Sale With Bahamas, Nassau?

Fuel efficiency relates to how many kilometers your vehicle can travel on a full tank of petrol. The new Suzuki Baleno provides anywhere from 22.35-30.61 kmpl on a full tank. The Baleno GLX comes equipped with a 1.5L engine. This means that in the best case, you’re getting around 20.41km per litre. This is great news for our Suzuki shoppers, as any vehicle that offers more than 16.5km per litre can be considered to have great fuel economy*! Keep reading to learn what makes the Baleno such an attractive option for our fuel-economy-minded drivers.

Dive Into New Suzuki Baleno Performance

The Baleno’s engine is built for efficiency, powerful and even torque distribution, and quiet handling thanks to sophisticated noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) suppression technology. Rely on a 4-speed automatic transmission to easily operate the vehicle and enjoy more control when it comes to mileage. There’s also an aerodynamic design at play that adds to impressive fuel economy, with each Baleno component optimized for fuel-efficient performance. 

Additionally, we see the integral part that the vehicle’s fine-tuned suspension plays in responsive handling and confident cornering. The suspension works in tandem with Suzuki’s HEARTECT platform, the technology that optimizes turning, braking, and overall Baleno function. With a light and rigid design, it reduces fuel consumption. Other safety enhancements and performance features within the Baleno GLX include:

  • Hill-hold control 
  • Pedestrian injury mitigating body frame
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP®)

Experience A New Suzuki Baleno Test Drive Today in Bahamas, Nassau

Bahamas, Nassau is here to create a friendly, comprehensive Suzuki shopping experience when you contact us for your 2024 Suzuki Baleno test drive. We’re passionate about the fuel-efficient design and performance features of the model–so we know you’ll be thrilled to test-drive it!

*2024 Suzuki Baleno KMPL information is estimated and varies by trim level and driving habits.