Suzuki Saint Kitts: Suzuki Dashboard Warning Lights

Suzuki Fronx Interior with City landscape in view

Suzuki Dashboard Symbols Overview with Saint Kitts

Understanding the critical alerts, routine warnings, and normal indicators on your Suzuki dashboard optimizes your experience behind the wheel and keeps you and your passengers safe. Consult the streamlined breakdown of your Suzuki dashboard symbols below:

  • Lights labeled as Critical should prompt you to make a service appointment with Saint Kitts immediately or pull over as soon as possible. 
  • Lights labeled as Warnings indicate that routine maintenance or tyre inflation will soon be required. 
  • Lights labeled as Indicators mean that a specific feature of your Suzuki is active, inactive, or that your vehicle needs fuel. 

Continue reading to learn about specific dashboard symbols, what they refer to, and what you should do upon seeing them.

Critical Alerts

charge system trouble indicator

Charging System 

Signals a malfunction in your Suzuki’s charging system, make a service appointment Saint Kitts immediately.

electronic power steering toruble indicator.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) 

Signals a malfunction in your EPS system, make a service appointment with Saint Kitts immediately.

brake trouble indicator.


When illuminated this indicates that the emergency brake is active or that a serious brake  malfunction has been detected. If the emergency brake is inactive, make a service appointment   with  Saint Kitts immediately.

engine temperature indicator

 Engine Temperature 

If red, stop immediately as soon as it’s safe to do so and let the engine cool. If blue, visit Saint Kitts Service Center to understand why your coolant isn’t hot enough or to diagnose an electrical malfunction. 

airbag warning indicator

Airbag System

Signals an airbag failure of some kind. Make a service appointment with Saint Kitts immediately. 

drivetrain trouble indicator.png

Drivetrain Trouble 

Make a service appointment with Saint Kitts as soon as possible to have your drivetrain serviced. 

anti-lock brake system fault indicator.


Signals a detected malfunction in the anti-lock braking system. See our Saint Kitts Service Center immediately, as steering could be greatly impaired and the risk of locking wheels under heavy braking is present. 



master warning light

Master Light

Typically signals an open door or the need for an oil change. If neither scenario is applicable, make a service appointment with Saint Kitts.

low fuel indicator

Low Fuel Level

Signals low fuel levels

tire pressure

Tyre Pressure

Signals that at least one tyre isn’t inflated sufficiently.

oil service required

Oil Service Required 

Make a service appointment with Saint Kitts as soon as possible.


Normal Indicators

high beam indicator

Headlight High Beams

Signals that high beams are activated.

shift lock indicator

Shift Lock

When illuminated you must press the pedal to release the brake lock or to shift gears out of park.

keyless access or start fault indicator.

Keyless Access or Start Fault

Indicates that the proper keyfob isn’t being used or that the system can’t identify the keyfob.

seatbelt reminder

Seat Belt Reminder

Reminds passengers to fasten their seat belts.

turn signal indicator

Turn Signal

Signals that the right or left turning signal is active.

slip indicator

Slip Feature

Anti-slip feature is active.

Schedule Your Suzuki Service Check with Saint Kitts

If you’re seeing one of these symbols displayed, don’t hesitate to contact Saint Kitts for troubleshooting assistance and friendly Suzuki service support.