More Convenient, More Reassuring

Raise the experience and pleasure of owning your Suzuki car to a new level of convenience and reassurance with SUZUKI CONNECT. This new smartphone app lets you monitor remotely what is happening with your car at all times.

SUZUKI CONNECT Offers Seven Service Functions

Download and install the SUZUKI CONNECT app on your smartphone to make your Suzuki car experience even more convenient and reassuring.

  • -Each service has specific operating conditions, so please refer to the “App User's Manual” for details.
  • -The app pages are subject to change without notice.

Status Notification

Status Notification will let you know when you have left the car and gone away without locking the door or have forgotten to turn off the headlamps or hazard lamps.
You can also check fuel level, cruising range, and average fuel consumption on the app home page.

Parked Car Locator

Parked Car Locator will display the location where your car is parked on the map on your smartphone.

Driving History

Driving History lets you check and manage your driving history data.

Geofencing and
Curfew Alert

In case another driver is using the car, Geofencing notifies you when the car leaves or enters the set area during the set time period. Curfew Alert notifies you when the car is absent after a set time from the set area.

Security Notifications

Security Notification will appear on your smartphone if the security alarm is activated or if the engine is started at a time when you are not using the car.

Warning Light

Warning Light Notification will come to your smartphone when a warning light in your car comes on.

Periodic Maintenance /
Recall Notification

Periodic Maintenance Notification will let you know the timing for maintenance of your car and also inform you of recalls and service campaigns.