SUZUKI CONNECT Offers Seven Service Functions

Download and install the SUZUKI CONNECT app on your smartphone to make your Suzuki car experience even more convenient and reassuring.

  • Note:
  • - Each service has specific operating conditions, so please refer to the “App User's Manual” for details.
  • - The app pages are subject to change without notice.

Status Notification

Door Left Unlocked

Put your mind at ease with SUZUKI CONNECT that sends you a notification if you have left your car unlocked. If so, you can easily use the app to lock the door remotely right away.

Headlamps Left On /
Hazard Lamps Left On

If you accidentally leave your headlamps or hazard lamps on, no need to worry. SUZUKI CONNECT lets you save your battery by reminding you to return to your car to turn off your headlamps or hazard lamps.

Parked Car Locator

You won’t have to wander around again looking for your parked car. You can easily find and return to your parked car with the app that shows the location on the map where the engine last stopped. This is particularly useful in locations with large car parks such as shopping centres or highway service areas.

Additional Function : Sharing Parked Car Location

Sharing Parked Car Location is very convenient for meeting up or avoiding getting lost by sharing your parking location with family or friends by email or a short message.

  • Note:
  • - In the case of parking in a multi-story car park, the location can be found on a map but the floor will not be displayed.
  • - In places with poor GPS reception, such as underground car parks, it may not be possible to display the precise location.

Driving History

SUZUKI CONNECT lets you see the Driving History for the past 18 months. You can separate data for each individual driver on a trip by trip basis, and categorise the data for private or business use. The data can also be exported as a CSV file.

Types of information available by individual trip:

• drive day and time     • time expended     • distance travelled     • average fuel consumption     • start/end point of trip

Geofencing and Curfew Alert


Even when you are not the one driving the car, you are always connected. With SUZUKI CONNECT, you can set the area and time to send an alert to let you know when the car driven by another driver enters or leaves the set area during the set time. For example, you will be notified when the driver has left the set area to come pick you up.

Curfew Alert

It is natural that you are concerned when someone you care about drives the car. With SUZUKI CONNECT, you can set a time and the area for an alert which will let you know when the car driven by another driver is absent at a set time period from the set area. For example, you will be notified when a family member living separately has not returned in the set time to their home.

Security Notifications

Security Alarm Notification

To keep your car secure, SUZUKI CONNECT will notify your smartphone if your parked car’s lock is broken into activating the security alarm.

Engine Start Notification

To keep your car secure, you can set times when you don’t expect to be using the car, such as when you are sleeping or at work. SUZUKI CONNECT will notify you when the engine is started during these times.

Warning Light Notification

If the warning light comes on due to some problem in the car, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. The app will indicate the cause of the problem and show advice with recommended action. You can then use the app to directly call a dealer or ask for roadside assistance.

Periodic Maintenance /
Recall Notification

To make sure your car’s periodic maintenance is done on time, you will receive a notification reminder as the time is approaching. Also you will receive a notification if your car becomes subject to a recall or service campaign.